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Deadline for 2019 Mandatory corporate disclosure before the Central Bank

March, 2020

CR tax office published on March 26 the resolution DGT-R-005-2020 that explains the process to be followed to enforce the fines and penalties to those corporations whose legal representatives did not submit, on or before March 31st, the 2019 mandatory form:
A publication in La Gaceta, demanding all legal entities that have not complied with the 2019 mandatory disclosure, to do so within the third day, extendable for three more days. 
In the publication, it will refer to its website ( which will be where the detailed list will appear with the name of all the corporations that are in non-compliance. The list will be available on April 1st 2020.
 In addition, this warning publication will be replicated in a newspaper with national circulation. 
Once the term of six days has expired, and the 2019 form was not filed within that term, the Tax office will initiate the collection process of the pecuniary fines as well as the application of the other sanctions, detailed below, to all corporations that have not submitted the 2019 Mandatory Declaration before the Central Bank.
The sanctions that will be applied to the corporations that failed to comply with the submission: 
The National Registry will not issue any certifications of good standing 'personería juridica' nor will it register any public deeds for these corporations.
Notaries Public have the obligation to attest in all certifications and official documents that will issue, that the corporation has not complied with the mandatory disclosure 
Hefty fines that will range from ~ US $1,200.00 up to US$ 39,500.00 for the first month.
The fines will increase for every other month after April that the mandatory disclosure is pending to be filed, fines can go up to US$77,950.00.
You can verify if your corporation complied with the 2019 submission at the following link of the Central Bank of Costa Rica, just put your corporate id where says 'cedula juridica'

Please contact us if you require assistance or further information. If your corporation already submitted the 2019 form or it is in process to be submitted, please disregard this email.

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