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Registration of Imported Ships

February, 2023


In the previous post we reviewed the first requirements for boat registration in Costa Rica. Now we will finish reviewing the Technical Inspection Form, the Tourist Activities and the special requirements for this activity.

Technical Inspection Form. Carried out by the authorized inspectors of the Maritime Transportation Department of the MOPT. Section 65 RORPPM.

Tourist activities: Boats dedicated to tourist activities must provide a copy, certified by a notary public or the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, of the tourist contract and proof that the company and the boat are declared of tourist interest. (Law on Incentives for Tourism Development No. 6990) .



Special Requirements:

  1. DUA: The DUA (custom declaration of importation) duly certified by the Customs must be provided (Section 39 section 2 inc. A) of RORPPM). It must contain the description of the ship, the description of the engine, the name and identification number of the importer, the tax status of the boat, and its country of origin.
  1. Flagging out: The deregistering of the ship from the country it comes from must be demonstrated by an apostilled or legalized certificate and its respective translation to Spanish. Suppose the vessel is new or has yet to be registered. In that case, this requirement may be replaced by a certificate issued by the manufacturer or from the country of origin, indicating that it has never been registered. (Section 39, paragraph 2) d) of RORPPM.



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